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December 9, 2005
Ontario ends mandatory retirement

November 7, 2005
No Pressure Prospecting Workshop

October 27, 2005
56% of Boomers admit to not saving enough for retirement and lack of financial confidence

October 24, 2005
Top-notch Web sites built and run by IE readers

September 9, 2005
Central bank raises key interest rate for the first time in 11 months.

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Estate Planning, Financial Advisor and Mortgage Broker Referrals

Professional Referrals is a place where getting referrals happens all the time. As an advisor you want to get referrals that will lead to long lasting business relationships. Although we specialize in Estate Planning, Financial Advisor and Mortgage Broker Referrals, we also generate high quality business referrals and can even make suggestions on how to generate more customer referrals.

When looking for a financial advisor be sure to read our article called Selecting a Financial Advisor.Rather you are looking for an independent financial advisor or a Investment advisor we can help you out. Check out our Forums where a online financial advisor can answer your questions.

Estate planning information can be found in abundance here. From Trusts to JTWROS to Probate Tax, and everything in between, all you want to know to keep your clients' financial assets in the family's hands and not the government's! Also check our estate planning resources on succession planning, will planning, and gift planning.

You can also check out our Estate Planning Links. When planning an Estate I am sure you will find our Wills and Estate Planning guide useful.

We can also refer you to some excellent Estate Planning Lawyers who specialize in Elderly Estate Planning law.

Mortgage Brokers can take advantage of our Referral Services by purchasing our Mortgage Broker Leads or registering in our mortgage broker directory. Whether it be Refinance, Debt Consolidation, home loans, or pre-approved mortgages, we see them all. We only sell exclusive mortgage broker leads. Professional Referrals also offers other marketing for Mortgage Brokers. And if you need a Mortgage Broker Web Site then visit us here.


Newest Articles

The Latest From InvestorsFriend Inc.
By Shawn Allen P.Eng, MBA, CMA, CFA Published - December 29, 2005

InvestorsFriend Inc. Newsletter December 17, 2005:

  • Stock returns for 2005 and outlook for 2006
  • Christmas reading
  • Pension problems

How to Achieve True Wealth
By Anton Tucker Published - December 13, 2005

What I have learned about investing and how you can profit from it.
By Anton Tucker Published - December 13, 2005

Have you ever kicked yourself for not being more aggressive in the stock market? Or after the Nasdaq (technology) meltdown of 2000, do you wish that you hadn’t been quite so heavy in technology? Did you ever curse yourself for buying a stock fund straight out of the newspaper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on.

The CRA could find your consultants are actually your employees.
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 7, 2005

Independent consultants are fashionable and economical again for Canadian employers who need highly skilled professionals to complete very specific tasks while maintaining the flexibility to trim their payroll costs.

Financial Planning for Business Owners
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 6, 2005

Want to be rich? Find out what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite.

10 Myths of Financial Planning
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 5, 2005

As a certified financial planner and an instructor teaching students enrolled in the CFP designation program in Toronto, I have come across many misconceptions about financial planning, from both professionals and the general public.

Using retirement compensation arrangements to top up pension savings.
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 5, 2005

For HR practitioners looking for a competitive edge in attracting and retaining executives and key staff, retirement compensation arrangements (RCAs) that create healthier compensation deals may offer that an edge.

The New Retirement Experts
By Jim Yih, B. Comm., PRP, RDB Published - December 5, 2005

Studies have shown that the more planning and preparation you do, the more likely you are to have a happy, healthy and wealthy retirement.

Looking For Financial Advice?
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 5, 2005

The certified financial planner receives training in what is referred to as the six step financial planning process:

Individual financial plan should be the core benefit
By Peter Merrick BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI Published - December 5, 2005

Canadian employers need to rethink corporate benefit plans.

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