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Mortgage Brokers and Lenders

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Your Broker-Associate will:

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  • Get you the best rates for the mortgage you want.
  • Get you the product best suited to your needs - the widest choice of options and terms available.
  • Deal on your behalf with all potential lenders
  • Counsel you on the available financial alternatives; be your personal guide to the mortgage marketplace.
  • Provide innovative solutions when a conventional bank mortgage is not available

To find out how easy it is to get the mortgage you need at the rate you want, just fill out the form below telling us a little bit about yourself and the mortgage loan you’re interested in.

We’ll pass your application along to one of our associated mortgage consultants who will negotiate with the available lenders to find the mortgage product that offers the best combination of features, options and rates to suit your requirements. You will be contacted within a very short time frame.

It’s free and there’s no obligation.

All the information you provide is strictly confidential.

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Latest publications

The Mortgage Application and Approval Process.
By Professional Referrals.Ca Published - 2005-09
The first stage of the mortgage lending process involves filling out the application, verifying the information on this application, and confirming the value of the property.

Insuring Your Mortgage
By Professional Referrals.Ca Published - 2005-03

You may wish to consider certain advantages in buying mortgage insurance directly from your insurance company, rather than your mortgage lender.

Do a little homework before you buy mortgage insurance.
By Jim Yih, B. Comm., PRP, RDB Published - 2004-09

If you have recently taken out a mortgage, you know that after you are approved and just before you sign the papers, you will be offered mortgage insurance from your mortgage lender.

Understanding Mortgages
Published - 2004-05

For most people, a mortgage is the largest debt incurred in a lifetime and as well their largest single asset.

How the Bond Market Affects Mortgage Rates
By Oleg Shiller Published - 2004-04

How Market Changes can Affect Mortgage Decisions
By Oleg Shiller Published - 2004-04

There are three basic strategies that Canadians could follow given the current state of the market.

Reverse Mortgages
Published - 2004-03

The reverse mortgage offers seniors an alternative to selling their home by converting their equity into a steady income stream.

Title Insurance
By Professional Referrals.Ca Published - 2003-11

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